Building a Thematic Network for European eID

The objective of this network is to provide a platform for all the stakeholders of eID (electronic identity) to work together and collaborate to prepare the agenda for a proposed Single European Digital Identity Community as envisaged by the Digital Agenda (DAE) in its Key Action 16.
SSEDIC is a thematic network coordinated by Tor Vergata University of Rome with 35 European Partners and more than 30 associated partners.

SSEDIC has now concluded intensive 3?year consultation period together with over 200 European and international eID experts and many stakeholder organizations to establish recommendations that address key issues regarding the usability and interoperability of electronic identity management solutions. The resulting recommendations and associated roadmap shall support the European Commission to set priorities for the path towards a Single European Digital Identity Community and the Horizon 2020.


Download the PRESS RELEASE.

A detailed documentation of the recommendation is available in SSEDIC deliverable 6.3

In response to demand to continue the working relationships established, SSEDIC is currently developing a framework and means through which the community can collaborate in the future: SSEDIC 2020 is coming. To join the SSEDIC 2020 please sign-up below.

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