The objective of SSEDIC.2020 is to provide a platform for all the stakeholders of eID (electronic identity) to work together and collaborate. SSEDIC.2020 builds on the success of SSEDIC .
SSEDIC.2020 will expand on existing SSEDIC themes, support the implementation of the SSEDIC recommendations, provide advisory and project validation services and promote international liaison and knowledge sharing.
SSEDIC.2020 will continue to build on the community and interactions that have already taken place, initially concentrating on the following pillars:
• Attribute Management
• Authentication Harmonisation
• Mobile Identity Acceptance
SSEDIC.2020 will take advantage of the strong breadth of knowledge and experience that its network of experts demonstrate by:
• Specialist evaluation services to public and private Sector
• Strategic consultancy services in the broader eIDM Sector
• Offering advisory services
SSEDIC.2020 can offer differing views from a spectrum of experts assisting knowledge-based decision making
Via its Global Partner Initiative, SSEDIC.2020 will foster cooperation between an increasing number of stakeholders to:
• Develop a truly global vision for identity
• Encourage global information and best practice sharing
• Promote global standardisation and interoperability
SSEDIC.2020 is currently recruiting new partners and associates. To register use the link below


SSEDIC Project has been completed. But SSEDIC network is active and currently recruiting new partners. If you are interested in joining SSEDIC.2020 We are looking forward to get in contact with you. To register use the link below


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